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Canine Calmer (Purple)

Canine Calmer (Purple)

24.99 USD / In stock.

Size: One Size Fits All

Canine Calmers by Pet Diffusers LLC. A great alternative way to help ease a nervous or uneasy dog. When loaded with one of our essential oils, this is a great and safe way to calm your canine and promote relaxation! This product is so effective, even humans are using them! It has definitely helped Antonio the Italian Greyhound's mom sleep better! Available in various colors!  

Each Canine Calmer comes PRELOADED with the oil of your choice (see below.) It is highly recommended that you purchase additional samples (which include wicks) to ensure you find the best fit for your canine companion!

Oils we currently offer (Please specify which oil you want your CC loaded with):
*Super Calming Blend (Good Dog Health)... our most popular oil
*T-Away (specifically geared towards animals.)
*Peace and Calming
*Stress Away